Wednesday, 07 September 2016 07:06

Ayperi Kubanichbekova

“I have always been craving for getting good education. One thing I want to mention is that the contributions made by CAI in pursue of my education is profound.” Ayperi Kubanichbekova was born on April 27, 1993, in Murghab District,…
Sunday, 04 September 2016 15:42

Safarkhotun Navruzbekova

“It is never too late to study”- says Safarkhotun Navruzbekova. Safarkhotun Navruzbekova is a student at Khorog State University and since 2015 the scholarship student of Central Asia Institute Tajikistan (CAIT). She was born in 1969 in Rushan District, where…
Sunday, 04 September 2016 15:40

Safdarshoeva Nigora

Safdarshoeva Nigora is a CAI scholarship recipient. She is from Langar village of Ishkashim District. She was born on January 9, 1997. She obtained her early education at the school # 1 of Langar village. She lives with her parents…
Sunday, 04 September 2016 15:39

Jamshedova Nasima

Jamshedova Nasima was born on November 14, 1997, in Langar village of Ishkashim District. She obtained her early education at the school #1, named after Khurram Bokiev. She lives in Langar village with her parents, five sisters, little brother, and…
Sunday, 04 September 2016 15:38

Lalbekova Hafiza

Since childhood, Lalbekova Hafiza has always dreamt of becoming an economist. She was born on July 14, 1996 in Buni village of Shugnan District and went to school #8 in Buni village at the age of seven. She finished secondary…
Sunday, 04 September 2016 15:36

Mushtari Navruzshoeva

“I want to design a school for Central Asia when I graduate,” says Mushtari.Mushtari Navruzshoeva currently is a third-year student at Tajik Technical University in Dushanbe. She is one of the scholarship students of Central Asia Institute Tajikistan (CAIT). Mushtari…

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