CAI-T rehabilitated school gym in Tusyan village of Roshtqal’a District in 2015-2016

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Roshtqal’a District is located in eastern Tajikistan, in the south-western part of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO). The population of Roshtqal’a District is roughly 25,700 people. Roshtqal’a, as is the case with other districts of GBAO, consists of seven Jamoats. One of them is Tusyan, which has a population of roughly 2866 people. Tusyan Jamoat consists of 14 villages. One of them is Tusyan village.

School #12 in Tusyan has a school gym close to it, but unfortunately the schoolchildren cannot use it as the construction of this gym was started in early 1990s and was not completed because of the collapse of The Soviet Union. Consequently, the schoolchildren and the youth of this Jamoat had to use the uncompleted building as gym for about 26 years. In 2014, the youth, administration of the school, and the local government of the village asked Central Asia Institute Tajikistan to refurbish the school for the schoolchildren and the youth. In 2016, CAI Tajikistan started the rehabilitation of the school gym. Once the renovations are complete, teenagers spend more time in constructive activities and have new opportunities to participate in sport competitions. The school gym consists of big hall, boy and girl locker rooms, and a room for equipment.

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