CAI-T constructed a school in Kona Kurgan village of Murgab District in 2012-2013

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Murgab District is located high in the Pamir Mountains of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast, which is the highest district in Tajikistan at 3650m (11,975 ft) above sea level. It is located at the junction of the Murgab River and Pamir Highway. Murgab District has the most severe climate in Tajikistan: up to -45C in winter and to + 15C in summer. The area is divided into six jamoats (sub-districts) and one of them, where Kona Kurgan is located, is called Berdibaev.

The village of Kona Kurgan is 320km from Khorog, where Central Asia Institute Tajikistan has its office.
In 2012, Central Asia Institute Tajikistan started the construction of a new secondary school for the schoolchildren of Kona Kurgan. The Kona Kurgan School consists of 12 rooms –10 classrooms and two offices, one for the principal and one for the teachers. More than 250 schoolchildren enroll each year at Kona-Kurgan school. Before there had been only one school, and there was not enough space for all the schoolchildren. Also, this school was in poor condition due to the cold weather of the region and the lack of renovations. This project solved one of the biggest problems with education in Kona-Kurgan village. The construction began in 2012 and was completed in 2013.

The population of Berdibaev Jamoat is mostly Tajiks (80%) and Kyrgyz (20%):
- 1396 - people
- 693 - women
- 703 - man
0-6 years: 267 (129 girls, 703 boys)
7-17 years: 328 (159 girls, 169 boys)
The traditional education systems in schools consist of 3 parts:
- Primary: Class 0-4 (ages 2-5);
- Middle: Class 5-9 (ages 11-15);
- Secondary: Class 10-11 (ages 15-17).

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