CAIT constructed a school in Zhamak village of Vanj District in 2012-2013

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Vanj District is the mountainous region of the Republic of Tajikistan. The district consists of six rural sub-districts, which are called Jamoats. One of them is Yazgulyam Jamoat. This Jamoat is one of the biggest jamoats of Vanj district with a population of close to 8,000 people. Yazgulyam is a large territory and contains many villages. Zhamak is one of the villages of this jamoat.

Yazgulyam is prone to natural disasters, especially earthquakes. As a result of the earthquake of 2011 the school of Zhamak village was totally destroyed and the schoolchildren had to continue studying in temporary tents. In 2012, Central Asia Institute Tajikistan started the construction of a new secondary school for the schoolchildren of Zhamak village. The school consists of 12 classes: 10 classrooms and two offices, one for the principal and one for the teachers. More than 300 schoolchildren study at the school. The school was built by CAIT with new technology and gave schoolchildren new opportunities for learning.


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