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Water supply in remote areas

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Over the last decade, the government of Tajikistan has taken steps to improve the water supply and sanitation in remote areas, but problems persist. Access to water services is now 90% in urban areas, but only 47% in rural areas. Water quality is irregular and service interruptions are frequent. Only 14% of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) has access to centralized sanitation. The remote regions of GBAO don’t have access to water services and the sanitation there does not meet hygiene standards. That is why hepatitis, diarrhea and other gastro-intestinal diseases have become an everyday occurrence.
Problems related to water supply and sanitation in several districts – Murghab and Shugnan – were brought to the attention of CAIT. The projects that came out of this, aim to improve the health status of children in remote region of GBAO through the provision of safe drinking water and the promotion of better hygiene practices. After constructing schools in those area CAIT then provides them with clean drinking water. In Vanqala village in Shugnan, the school was given proper plumbing which gave them access to clean water and in Kona Kurgan village there a drinking well was constructed. Now the children are happy to have water for hand washing and drinking.

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