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Mahbuba Qurbonalieva
Mahbuba QurbonalievaCountry Director for Central Asia Institute Tajikistan (CAIT)
Manizha Khailobekova
Manizha Khailobekova Finance Officer
Navruzmamd Haydarov
Navruzmamd Haydarov Engineer
Mavlonazar Mavlonazarov
Mavlonazar MavlonazarovLogistician


  • Navruzmamd Haydarov

    Navruzmamd Haydarov

    Navruzmamd Haydarov has worked with CAIT as its engineer since 2012. Prior to joining CAIT, Navruzmamad worked with agencies of the local government of GBAO as an architect and senior engineer for 36 years. He was also involved with other non-governmental organizations as an engineer.
    Navruzmamad holds his degree in Architecture and Engineering (1973) from Tajik Polytechnic Institute of Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
    Navruzmamd has four children and lives with his family in Khorog. He enjoys spending his time drawing designs for different structures.

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  • Mavlonazar Mavlonazarov

    Mavlonazar Mavlonazarov

    Mavlonazar Mavlonazarov has been the logistician at CAIT since 2012. He is responsible for procurement and inventory procedures. Mavlonazar joined CAIT after two year with the State Agency for Social Insurance and Pension.

    Mavlonazar received his degree in Hydro Technical Infrastructures in 2010 from Khorog State University, GBAO, Tajikistan.

    He lives in Khorog with his brothers and parents.

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  • Manizha Khailobekova

    Manizha Khailobekova

    Manizha Khailobekova started with CAIT as finance officer in December 2014. Prior to joining CAIT, Manizha worked with FOCUS USA, an affiliate of Aga Khan Development Network, for 11 years.
    She holds her degree in Biology (2001) and degree in Finance and Credit (2007) from Khorog State University, GBAO, Tajikistan.
    Manizha lives in Khorog with her husband and three children.

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  • Mahbuba Qurbonalieva

    Mahbuba Qurbonalieva

    Mahbuba Qurbonalieva is the country director for Central Asia Institute Tajikistan (CAIT). She joined CAIT in 2012 as the program and finance manager. After working in that position for two and a half years she was promoted to director in 2014.

    Before coming to CAIT Mahbuba worked in various roles for FOCUS USA, an affiliate of Aga Khan Development Network, for 10 years. Prior to that she was office manager for Planning and Construction Management Project of the University of Central Asia in Khorog, GBAO, Tajikistan.
    Mahbuba earned her degree in Linguistics from Khorog State University in 2001, and has a certificate in Accounting Technology from the University of Central Asia (2009), GBAO, Tajikistan.
    Mahbuba lives with her husband and two children in Khorog. She loves to spend her weekends with her husband and children at the park in town.

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